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Nanomagnetics Facility

Biochip Reader

More than 8 biochip reader stations

AJA UHV Deposition Chamber

AJA UHV sputtering chamber with 8 targets and load lock for sample tansfers. It can accommodate substrates ranging from pieces to 8" diameter 

Cluster UHV Deposition System

“Cluster” UHV system for in situ vacuum deposition of a variety of films from targets comprised of a dozen different materials, with thickness control to the 0.1 nanometer level (Figure 4).  Novel composite materials can be formed by co-deposition from multiple targets or in the presence of a reactive gas, thus presenting a vast range of combinatorial possibilities.  


Noncontact robotic spotter for biochip fabrication 

Ion Milling System

Ion milling  with 7" RF Source, a powerful tool for selectively removing a broad range of materials patterned substrates. 

Obducat Nanoimprint System

Obducat nanoimprint system, which has demonstrated production of dense templates with features down to 30 nm lateral dimensions.

Kerr Microscope

Kerr microscope made by Evico for magnetic domain imaging and local M-H loops. 

Perkin Elmer 4400 Deposition System

Perkin Elmer 4400 Deposition System (4 targets), Ion Tech Deposition System (1 target, dual beam), and a UHV chamber with 4 ion beam targets and 3 DC magnetron targets.