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Wang group alum, Prof. Nian X. Sun is named an IEEE Fellow!

Great news from our alum, Prof. Nian X. Sun at Northeastern University, who is among the newly elected IEEE Fellows for Year 2020!  This is a great professional achievement on Nian’s part. Well done, Nian, hearty congratulations from all of us!!  We look forward to hearing more great news in a fantastic new year and beyond!

Nian-Xiang Sun 2020 IEEE FELLOW

Piscataway, New Jersey, USA, January 2020 : Nian-Xiang Sun, from Boston, MA, United States, has been named an IEEE Fellow, being recognized:

Stanford doctors, materials scientists hope a blood test will encourage more colon cancer screenings

Up to half of people who should be screened for colorectal cancer do not get the routine procedure. A blood test to detect colorectal cancer being developed by Stanford doctors and materials scientists could help change that.  Read about it here:

Neeraja wins Best Poster at ISIRV conference!

Congrats to Neeraja Ravi for winning the Best Poster Award at the isirv conference: Immunological Assays and Correlates of Protection for Next Generation Influenza Vaccines in Siena, Italy! Neeraja won the award in the Correlates of Protection category, and her work focuses on measuring an influenza-specific host genetic signature using GMR sensors to predict influenza vaccine efficacy. 

Dana Kralicek receives NIH Biotechnology Training Grant!

Congratulations to Dana Kralicek for receiving an NIH Biotechnology Training Grant! 

Since 1991, the Stanford NIH Graduate Training Program in Biotechnology has been leveraging the unique environment at Stanford to train talented students as leaders and innovators for a variety of career paths, including academia, industry, and consulting. More news and program details can be found at